September 24, 2012

SJN Announces a New Member from Argentina

The Network widens from Mexico to Argentina

CHICAGO (September 24, 2012) -- Over the years, MKT Network has gained success by providing its clients with successful marketing and advertising campaigns. They have offices operating in several countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. 

The expertise they have gained individually throughout the years provides members of MKT Network with the necessary insights to guarantee the success of each clients uniquely developed strategy. Operation, marketing and administration of peripheral countries and associated companies are centralized from these offices. MKT Network is a leading company in regional tourism strategies and marketing. 

Leading this organization are Mariano Iglesias, Chief Executive Officer, and Ricardo Almiron, Managing Director in Mexico. Mariano and Ricardo have wide experience in communications, marketing and advertising; witch led them to create their own new project.

On behalf of the entire SJN team, we are pleased to welcome MKT Network.

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