November 1, 2012

SJN Announces a New Member from Mexico

SJN is now even stronger thanks to the incorporation of a new member.

CHICAGO (November 1, 2012) -- Grupo 5 Comunicacion is a trailblazer in the Mexican advertising and communications industry. With offices located in Northern and Central Mexico, their mission is to make brands a part of people's lives, building a close and lasting relationship between brands and consumers that creates a value for both parties.

A strong work ethic combined with years of industry experience take Grupo 5 to become the first agency in Mexico to receive the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies' (AMAP) accreditation.

This wouldn't be possible without the leadership of Andre Delgado, Director & Founder. His career has been linked to advertising since his beginnings as a student of Information Sciences at the University of Monterrey, working later at different companies both domestic and international. Andre has collaborated on different publications in Mexico and Argentina, has chaired the APA (Associated Advertising Agencies) and, in 2008 and 2009, he was the Committee Chairman of La Silla Fest, the only international advertising festival in Mexico.

On behalf of the entire SJN team, we are pleased to welcome Grupo 5 Comunicacion.

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